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After 49 Years As A Caddy, Man Homeless Until A Few Months Ago Turns Pro Golf At 59

Until a few months ago, the man was homeless and living on the streets.

A 59 year old golf caddy at Zwartkops Golf Course in Pretoria, South Africa, Llewellyn Barnes, is finally getting a shot at professional golf. His means of survival was the income he got when he was lucky enough to get a caddying client or if he managed to sell golf balls lost from wayward shots into the woods or nearby river.

Llewellyn started caddying, picking up golf balls and carrying bags at the age of 10 and since then his knowledge and love for the game has grown. I have always been perplexed myself by the level of knowledge shown by the caddies that have accompanied me on the golf course. It would seem that with a little opportunity, they could easily turn pro.

Llewellyn’s date with destiny came when he asked one local golfer friend if he could help him get sponsorship to play on the professional circuit. His story was shared on crowd funding page BackABuddy and the initial target of R45,000 has since been surpassed with over R120,000 raised to date. Barnes has now qualified as a professional golfer and is set to play in the Sunshine Tour.

Watch his recent interview here:

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