Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

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Don’t Dwell Much On Your Weaknesses and Shortages

Don’t dwell much on your weaknesses and shortages. They will depress, cripple and consume you. Meditate on the Lord’s strength and infinite capacity, and His unconditional love for you.

1. Dwelling on your weaknesses and problems builds a sense of hopelessness.
2. Dwelling on your weaknesses and challenges creates desperation. 
3. Whenever you feel weak and helpless, know that you have a helper who has infinite capacity and who would lay His own life down for you.
4. Meditate on His abilities and limitless capacity.
5. Don’t let your imperfection cause you to doubt His intentions for you because He loves you unconditionally. 

About The Author

Desmond Mapfumo is a Mindset Coach, Startup Builder and Consultant. He is the Founder and Contributing Editor For Inspiration Media Publications. Inspiration Media is member of the Rebirth Group, which he also founded and leads as the Chief Executive Officer.

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