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Freelancing, Self-Employment, A Real Employment Option That Can Be Maximized And Drop Unemployment

Before the industrial revolution, many people worked alone or within their families. One would wake up and decide how they wanted to be productive. Some would go hunting, some would go farming, some would weave, some would keep livestock or chickens, and so on. This seemed like a very easy way to live and nobody could ever say they didn’t have a job, because no one had one. You had to create your own work.

Only poor people usually from distant lands would be employed, mainly because hunger in their own areas of origin could push them to move around to find somewhere to offer themselves to work for payment or food in return. Often, they would find themselves working in someone’s field or place of work as helpers.

The industrial revolution brought sophistication to life and more processed goods and various conveniences and luxuries started emerging. People started wanting to be partakers of these processed goods, conveniences and luxuries. Money became the medium of exchange and life started becoming even more complicated as the people who previously relied on commodity exchange suddenly now needed to liquidate whatever commodities they had to money before they could purchase or acquire any of these processed good, luxuries and conveniences.

For many the process of liquidating own produce to money and creating enough produce to raise enough money to purchase what they wanted in life became too cumbersome and this became the death of sf-employment as more and more people surrendered themselves to large institutions to work and get paid in money without having the burden of producing and selling for oneself.

Today, it would appear that there are not enough large institutions to support our populations and so there is a shortfall of jobs, with many people choosing to stand in line and wait for the next large institution hiring to employ them.

My opinion is that in order to make a living, everyone who is not attached to an institution must be freelancing or self-employed. This means that there should be an ongoing drive to continue to encourage and empower people to be self-employed and to freelance so that there is no over-dependency on employment by large institutions.

Governments should educate their populations on how to build value individual and how to manage as a self-employed or freelance individual. Some countries are already ahead with this drive. According to Freelance Industry Reports, the freelance field is said to grow to $20–$30 billion in the next 5–7 years in India and the freelancers in US will comprise 40% (approx.) of the work force at the present growth rate.

The opening up of the global trading space online has also created massive potential for freelancers and I believe it’s time for people to look at freelancing and self-employment opportunities serious as real career options.

In order to be successful, freelancers must create proper systems and working models, and governments should look into assisting people to do this parallel to the ongoing courting of investors and large corporations to create employment opportunities. Depending on the industry, freelance work practices vary and have changed over time. In some industries, freelancers may require clients to sign contracts with them.

Payment for freelance work also depends on industry, skills, experience and location. Freelancers may charge by the day, hour, a piece rate, or on a per-project basis. Instead of a flat rate or fee, some freelancers have adopted a value-based pricing method based on the perceived value of the results to the client. By custom, payment arrangements may be upfront, percentage upfront, or upon completion. For more complex projects, a contract may set a payment schedule based on milestones or outcomes. One of the drawbacks of freelancing is that there is no guaranteed payment, and the work can be highly precarious. In order to ensure payment many freelancers use online automatic payment platforms to protect themselves or work with local clients that can be held accountable.

Self employment is an option in any field of expertise. It doesn’t matter whether you are a farmer, doctor, teacher, nurse, etc. you can create employment for yourself and reach out to get clients. Technology has also created innovative ways of getting clients such as advertising on online search engines, online directories and skills platforms.

Though it may be hard to guarantee a specific salary, you may experience high seasons and low seasons, and the two can even out into a healthy average. Instead of sitting and waiting for the next job opportunity, set yourself up and freelance and encourage the next person to do the same. You never know, you could end up earning more than you have ever done in a job or you could end up starting a larger business out of your efforts.

Freelancing also allows you to do what you love and to be innovative, by letting you chose which skills to offer and which products to create or sell, and where to do it. The markets have also grown bigger and opened up. Find how you can sell to the whole world.

Talk to a consultant to help you build a brand and streamline your ideas so that you can acquire the right knowledge, tools, and skills and create competitive advantage. Approach self-employment with commitment, hard-work, respect and great discipline, and the sky is the limit for you.

About The Author

Desmond Mapfumo is a Mindset Coach, Startup Builder and Consultant. He is the Founder and Contributing Editor For Inspiration Media Publications. Inspiration Media is member of the Rebirth Group, which he also founded and leads as the Chief Executive Officer.

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