Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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If You Lack Wisdom, You Can End Up Solving The Wrong Problem

One of the important aspects of leadership is problem-solving, but even more important is to find out what the “real problem” is before you start trying to solve the problem.

If you lack wisdom, you can solve the wrong problem, and of course after all the effort invested you won’t get the results you were expecting. Invest a lot of thought, time and attention into finding out what the “real problem” is.

1. Find wisdom.
2. Invest in counsel. 
3. Get support.
4. Sometimes the problem you see is not the problem.
5. What a waste to spend a lot of time and resources solving the wrong problem.

About The Author

Desmond Mapfumo is a Mindset Coach, Startup Builder and Consultant. He is the Founder and Contributing Editor For Inspiration Media Publications. Inspiration Media is member of the Rebirth Group, which he also founded and leads as the Chief Executive Officer.

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