Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

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Editor’s Message

If you are here, it means you have visited Inspiration Media. You are welcome. Thank you for coming. It always means a lot for us to have visitors here.

I started Inspiration Media to create a positive alternative, because I knew it was necessary for me to be inspired and I thought it was vitally important for you too. I have always been somebody who always focuses on doing meaningful things and moving on to the next level. I really feel like I have been growing at every stage of my life and I passionately thank God for seeding that drive and focus in me.

Every day I wake up and enter this busy information age. Before I started Inspiration Media, I really felt like I was bombarded by negative information. All over social media, all of mainstream media, it just felt like there was a flood of bad and demotivating content and so I really felt driven to create an alternative, which would give people something to look forward and fuel to pursue their dreams.

I genuinely believe that being flooded by negative news and information creates hopelessness and a negative attitude towards life, the world and it’s Creator. Life still creates exciting opportunities for us and our children and their children and their children’s children to take advantage of and it’s vitally important for all these generations to be filled with hope, faith and a positive outlook.

As you go about your day, I want to encourage you to do so with tenacity and with vision. I want you to be passionate and to pursue your dreams. I want you to find and do what is meaningful to you and to live gainfully and satisfactorily. I want you to find victory in your areas of service and life and to proceed unto an even greater glory and legacy when this life is over.

We hope we will continue to create and share content that is relevant to you and to your family and that your entire family can be inspired and uplifted together with you so that you can share a meaningful experience with them as well.

Some people come here and end up starting a business that they have been meaning to start for a long time. Some people find themselves and rekindle their passions. Some reconnect with their soul and give their life to Jesus. Some renew their strength and end up having a better day and more victories in their regular experiences. Hope you will have your own unique and special experience.

Talk about us. Share us at every opportunity so that someone else can be inspired too. Visit our social media pages, like and subscribe.

All the best and God bless.


Lot of Love


Desmond Tinashe Mapfumo

Founder & Contributing Editor

Mindset Teacher, Start-up Builder & Consultant

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