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He Almost Quit Preaching; Didn’t Want To Be Famous | TD Jakes

Oftentimes the common belief is that preachers and strong men of God have it easy and they don’t go through the troubles that regular people and non-Christians have. Leading televangelist and preacher Bishop TD Jakes of the Potter’s House spoke to Steven Furtick about he almost quit ministry because of the unwanted burdens that it was placing on him.

The bishop defines himself as “a country boy from West Virginia” and spoke about how when he started becoming famous, the fame came with vicious attacks on himself and his family and he couldn’t take it. As a person who had just been following God’s calling to serve and preach, he didn’t know anything about being famous and didn’t like it.

He recalls a particular article in the Washington post that made him noxious. He could stand the burdens of fame and then one day as he had visited another church to preach, there was a lady waiting to speak to him after the service. He says that she was just a willowy bit of a woman and she said, “Bishop Jakes, I’ve been in the hospital. I was pregnant in my Fallopian tubes and the baby died in my tubes and I was carrying around a dead baby and the toxicity from the baby almost killed me. The only thing that kept me alive was hearing you preach. If you hadn’t been preaching to me every day, I swear I would have died. It’s for us…, it’s not for them…”

He was so moved, the woman reminded him of why he was there. How many times have you wanted to quit in your journey and something reminded you why the journey was necessary. Watch and listen to the full talk here…

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