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When All Is Lost And Gone, Hold On To Your Talent Use Every Opportunity To Share It. Homeless Singer Goes Viral | Emily Zamourka

52 year old Emily Zamourka emigrated to the United States at the age of 24 from Russia. She is a singer and a classically trained pianist and violinist who taught lessons before she encountered health challenges.

Inconsistent health drew her from a consistent working run and as a result, she worked a number of odd jobs to make ends meet. She would play or teach at every opportunity, until three years ago someone stole her violin and she couldn’t play. Alone and without help in a land without family and much relations, she couldn’t find help to get another violin and so she couldn’t use her playing skills.

Unable to pay her rent, she was kicked out and ended up homeless on the street.

“I became homeless when I could not pay my bills or my rent. I am sleeping on the cardboard right now and the parking lot. I am sleeping where I can sleep. I have people who feel sorry for me, but I don’t want to be a burden to anybody,” she told 6ABC Los Angeles.”

Unwilling to be a burden to anybody, she has endured sleeping on the streets, praying and hoping that her day will come.

Recently, while singing on the subway, an LAPD police officer struck by her exquisite soprano decided to record her singing and now her talent has gone viral initiating a possible change of fortunes after years in dire straits. Several television stations have been looking for her and now she has been located and has been having interview to interview.

Her dream has always been to sing and play in a theatre and hopes she will find help to find accommodation, get her instrument and play again.

CBS Los Angeles joined the search for the mystery woman here

ABC7 caught up with her and profiled her here

She is evidence that holding onto your talent and using it will always make a way for you. Nomatter what you are going through, you can always build on your talents and look for opportunities to showcase them. In time, something will open up.

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